The Center for Ocean Awareness has moved!   We are now located at 511 N Main Street, Hendersonville. Team ECCO now displays 20+ aquairums ranging in size from 30 - 400 gallons - home to sea horses, sting rays, shark pups, eels, and more!   Of course our lovable turtles are still a there to greet you.

We provide a unique ocean experience. Visitors may enjoy our aquariums and sign up to participate in numerous classes and camps. The Team ECCO Center for Ocean Awareness is a place for families to spend time together.

Admission is $3.00 p/p ages 4 and up. 

Open to the public Wed. - Sat.  1-5 pm

Tues. are reserved for groups and events

Wed - Sat mornings are reserved for school and learning groups  

    Team ECCO has been a leading force in teaching marine and maritime awareness in WNC since 2001 . Every year,  our unique programs and displays engage hundreds of visitors and participants.  In conjuction with our 10 year anniversary, we have strengthened our focus, established 3 curriculum venues that meet NC Standard goals, maintain 17 aquariums, and train interns. All as part of our goal to enhance our public service of bringing the ocean to WNC. 

   The Team ECCO curriculum is designed to be fresh, interactive, and rewarding.  We have created 3 areas:  

 SEA BASE:  Programs about ocean animals and habitat studies done at the Center for Ocean Awareness.  These include private programs, after school, week end, and summer day camps.  Programs for ages 5-100!

 SEA LINK: Programs that bring our specimens to you at your education or group site.   This is a wonderful way to enrich existing science programs, or offer a unique experience to your student or adult group.

SEA VENTURE:  Programs designed to take groups of 25 + to experience learning while using kayak, scuba, snorkel, and field exploration venues.  Participants are given hands-in-it learning with fish, reefs, sharks, rays, turtles, manatees, estuaries, forts, ships, and much more.

   The Team ECCO focus for learning sits with science while incorporating math, history, geography, visual and language arts.  We believe that experience has to happen on many levels for understanding to take place.

       If we want the next generation to be responsible for the world they are to inherit, then we have to show them what that world is all about.  In order to understand something, it must be learned.  If they do not understand it, they most likely will not respect or care about it. 

     The philosophy behind TEAM ECCO is: experience is the best teacher, and a positive learning experience can change a life.  

   The mission of Team ECCO:  To promotescientific discovery through interactive learing encounters that develop ujnderstanding and respect for water based ecosystems.

    This mission is designed to foster stewardship, develop leadership, and build friendship - all life skills critical to team work.

        If it has to do with water, it has to do with TEAM ECCO.   View our CALENDAR and get involved.  Give us a call or drop us an email.  Your best adventure is just a registration away!

    Donations made to our organization go directly into programs, materials, and scholarship funds.  We do not carry the expense of paid staff.   We believe that money raised is best used through serving the children and adults we reach.

    Yours for the Children,

 Brenda J.  "BJ"   Ramer, M. Ed.

Founder & Executive Director   
TEAM ECCO, Inc. est. 2001

 "We bring the ocean to WNC"                     






Donations may be made payable to Team ECCO at:

      Team ECCO    511 N Main Street,     Hendersonville, NC      28792

                  Tax donation letter and number sent upon receipt of your gift. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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